Get tangled in Rulitos


Otherwise known as Nerea, I studied Performance Art in uni, but always had a passion for making things with my hands.

In recent years I ditched the performance and picked up a few silversmithing classes at the council of adult education. The rest I taught myself ‘on the job’ and by watching and picking up tips from my great uncle on trips to Argentina who is an incredible jeweller.

Rulitos was born out of watching mum make pretty things for my literal rulitos (Spanish for little curls) and playing with dad’s mechanic tools.

The result is a mixture of edgy and pretty jewellery predominantly in sterling silver, with some copper, alpaca, leather, brass, hardware, wood, ceramic or glass thrown in here and there.

In Rulitos you will find whimsical silver creatures, bold neck pieces, quirky cufflinks and many other goodies to get tangled in.

I tweet sporadically @rulitos_ls ,

Instagram semi-regularly @rulitos_ls

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thanks heaps for visiting… get tangled in Rulitos!


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