about rulitos

Otherwise known as Nerea, I studied Performance Art at uni, but always had a passion for creating things with my hands.

In recent years I ditched the performance and picked up a few silversmithing classes at the council of adult education. The rest I taught myself on the job and by watching and picking up tips from my great uncle on trips to Argentina who was an incredible jeweller.

All of my pieces are handmade by me in my workshop in the burbs of Melbourne using traditional silversmithing techniques. In my case this means I start by picking up a sheet of metal and a saw and getting to to work… sawing, filing, sanding (lots and lots of sanding), hammering, forming, rolling, texturing, soldering, polishing and so on. It’s a very manual process and my intention is that when you (or your loved one) wear a piece made by me, you can feel the work and care that went into it.

I mostly enjoy crafting out of sterling silver but lately I’ve been playing with bonded metals and vitreous enamel. I am also fascinated by kinetic jewellery, so please keep checking back to see what new creations I come up with over time.

Social media wise, you can find me almost daily on Instagram @rulitos_ls and I tweet quite infrequently under the same handle on Twitter.

If you have snapped a pic of your Rulitos piece, don’t forget to hashtag #rulitosjewellery to totally make my day!

thanks heaps for visiting… ¡get tangled in Rulitos!